Mobile Ultrasound includes a consult with you the veterinarian and a report. Consultation with your client at your hospital along with the ultrasound is also available. Please contact me at for pricing. For online consulting and consulting at your hospital with no procedures, please make a Consultation Request.

This service includes a full review of medical records, physical exam, ultrasound, full ultrasound report, written report with DDX, further testing and monitoring as needed, medications, and prognosis when possible.  Dr. Nancy Treadwell will verbally discuss the case with you if you are available when the ultrasound is complete. A preliminary report will be given to you before she leaves. A full report with extensive recommendation will follow within 2 business days.

A follow up conversation about the case within 1 month is also included as are quick follow up calls or email questions. After 1 month, if more extensive conversations and reviews are needed there will be a recheck consult fee or I can return to your hospital for follow up ultrasound.  These fees are outlined in in the pricing information available by request.

To request a Mobile Ultrasound or Procedure, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions about the for or services please contact Dr. Nancy Treadwell, Shreveport Veterinary Internal Medicine.
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